What are the benefits that we can take from SEO?

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The benefits of SEO is a positive factor that occurred after the attainment of the SEO objectives which is a micro conversion that eventually become a macro conversion. Conversion is acceptance, approval, endorsement, or any positive changes in the internet visitors of all elements on your website, and finally, they become a part of the community members, participants, or consumer.

1. General conversion of SEO
– The popularity and authority of your website are increasing which is easily reached by the prospective audience, user information, or consumer products/ services that you are targeting.
– Authority, brand, and consumer trust on the company or the community, professional, or your personal is increased so that your site becomes a reference in the field (in one condition, your site has to make unique content, nice, and authorised contents).

2. Main conversions
– As a result of the general conversion, a micro conversion is happening such as a visitors return to your site, visit time is relatively longer, and other interactions expressed positive assessment of visitors to your website.
– As a result of micro conversions above, the level of achievement of the main objective of your website will also increase. This called a macro conversion. For example, increase sales transaction if your site is categorized as a commercial site such as an online store or a travel agent, the number of daily visitors increases if your site is a news site, the number of subscribers of the latest articles increase if your site is product related to information industry or a particular field, and so on.

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