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Some considerations before you start to build a company

There are so many ways for the entrepreneurs out there to learn how to build their business. One of them is by joining a business training program just like the 90 day year Todd Herman. Here are some considerations that you need to think before you start to build a company :

Working with a partner or alone?

There is no right answer for this question. This one depends on yourself. What kind of entrepreneur are you? Working with a partner means you have to share the profits 50 : 50 and not more or less than that.

Each purchasing or selling deal need an agreement between you and your partner. This way, you or your partner would be consistent with the deals in the business. Although the necessity and motivation of everyone would change overtime. Someday, you might want to get out from the partnership and build another startup, or you want to buy some shares from your partner. All possibilities might happen and each agreement must be the profitable one for everyone in the business.

Would you reject all jobs with the high salary in order to do this?

Really? How high the numbers of the salary that you could resist?

Could you fulfill your financial problems?

The risk of failure of a self-funded venture is around 90% while a venture which is funded by others would likely around 33%. You might don’t need the big funds, you just need the suitable funds to build the startup company that you have been planned.

One last point : Did you know at least one investor who has that kind of money? Would he or she invest their money in your startup company? Or simply for the similar venture? At least did you know someone who knows that kind of investor? If the answer is no, then the chance for you to get such a big capital would be difficult.

Willpower, intelligence, and hard work could tackle all of those problems. However, it’d be the best for you to consider about those problems before you start to build your company.