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Definition of SIDS

Have you ever heard of an apparently healthy infant and was never ill died suddenly? The incidence of babies who died suddenly called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). According to the research which will be described further below, one of prevention is to choose the right baby mattress, you can visit our website and discover the crib mattress article.

Then how SIDS can happen? Considering this is a syndrome, all of which refer to the theory of SIDS hypothetical. Abroad, this sudden unexplained death after an autopsy on the dead baby.

Most normal babies will respond to external stimuli by breathing faster when the amount of oxygen in the environment around a bit. But in the case of SIDS is not the case. Babies will show normal behavior and does not react although little oxygen. Or the other way.

Until now, it was noted that babies who are 0-4 months old are susceptible to get SIDS for babies in the age range is still very vulnerable to external stimuli. Based on research, there are some risk factors. Among others: premature birth, history of SIDS siblings, children, smokers mother, and the baby’s mother was young. From many factors, there is one factor that is also suspected to be the cause of SIDS, which is sleeping on their stomach. Make sure your baby sleep on their back.

Then, suspected to be related to the respiratory system is a soft pillow or blanket. According to Dr. Elizabeth, blanket or a soft pillow tends to follow the surface shape of the body, so that it can cover the respiratory tract. Note also used mattress your baby, make sure the mattress is not too soft proficiency level and there is no gap between the mattress and the baby’s bed, ??minimizing the possibility of snagging of your baby during sleep.